What does our Neurological pattern tell us about our natural talents? And how can organizations and their employees use these insights to their advantage?
You might not be surprised about the fact that our brain determines our behaviour. But what if we tell you we can map our cognitive abilities to such an extent that we can predict where and when people will flourish at their best?
At WayFinders we believe in the potential these insights bring and will even say they are key for talent management in the future.
During this free webinar on the 4th of February (12.00-13.30), we’ll give you more comprehensive insight in the tool we use, the scientific validation of the results we gain while allowing for a practical example so you can see the concrete value of the tool today!
With dr. Ilja Sligte (Neuroscientist, University of Amsterdam), Frank Holsteyns (Department Director, IMEC) and Kaatje Verlinden (Managing Partner, WayFinders).