Live event (2020) – L&D as a strategy for agile organisations

Throwback 2nd edition – 5 March 2020

We believe L&D is an important cornerstone of HR and can definitely contribute to the agility of organizations. On the 5th of March, around 80 HR and L&D professionals gathered in Technopolis for inspiration through networking and some learning bits and bites delivered by our experts.

How teamwork makes the dream work

Learnia and Changelab highlighted how teamwork can become dream-work, provided you action the right governance and tools for your organization. They demonstrated how to work in teams with Microsoft Teams, and gave some cool tips & tricks. The lucky ones who joined this session will not regret, as Covid and extended remote work were just around the corner… Didn’t you get enough, or are you just curious? Check out our training programmes and remote services!

The link between employer brand and L&D

HumanX and Pickles Agency explained how a balanced L&D approach can support your talent strategy. Especially if you want to attract and retain new hires from generation Y and Z! Those new colleagues are on the outlook for real development opportunities within the organization. Your L&D strategy can definitely reinforce your employer brand and strengthen your organization, adding internal mobility as a plus.

Action your brain potential!

WayFinders provided keen insights in the role of our brain in efficiency and productivity. Another ‘hot shot’ now that Covid and remote work impact many of us! How can we action our own brain potential in order to stay focused? WayFinders provided a very short and intelligible introduction, however we recommend their masterclasses!

What’s up in Learning Management?

Going digital and remote implies a digital L&D strategy as well. You are facing different challenges in managing the competencies and development of your colleagues. The buzzwords are probably known: LMS, LRS, LXP… But what do they mean? The Learning Hub gave a brief overview of the overall learning management and reporting landscape.

Re- and up-skilling your IT people, not for dummies?

The Campus provided a workshop about re- and up-skilling in IT. Generally speaking, we are no IT professionals on top of being HR professionals. Hence, it sometimes is hard to know how to provide the right development program for your IT people. However, The Campus can help and structure the L&D approach with you! Need some inspiration for yourself or for the digital enablers of your organization? Check this out!

Learning cultures, innovative organizations

Nathalie Regniers from Microsoft wrapped up with some very useful insights of the study ‘Work Reworked’, highlighting the impact of a learning culture on innovation and growth in your organization.

What’s next??

These bits and bites have been very appreciated by our audience, although you were numerous to ask for more! Stay tuned, we are rethinking our approach for next year – with or without Covid, remote or live! Can’t wait? Drop a note!